Beehive auction will take place at our next EOBA spring meeting on Monday April 14th, 2014.

Complete Basic Hive, Bees included !!!

Consists of - Telescoping Roof, inner cover, 2 deep brood boxes with 4, L-shaped metal frame rests, 16 wood frames with  wax coated plastic foundation, bottom board, entrance reducer, 4 frame nuke of Hutchings Bees, (with marked queen), metal queen excluder, 3 shallow honey supers with 6 metal 9 frame spacers , 27 wooden shallow frames with  wax coated plastic foundation.

Nuc, to be picked up in and around.... June 15th/14 (pick up will be arranged by a phone call from winning bid.) Date depends on the weather because the queen is going to be a spring born/ mated, 2014 Hutchings queen.

*Hive can be picked up anytime so as to be painted and ready for nuc.

History of Hutchings' HoneyBees

 As the story goes...... 

 My name is Debbie Hutchings,  My  father was Don Hutchings, My Grandfather was Borden Hutchings, My Great Grandfather was Herbert Hutchings and his father was my Great Great Grandfather Elijah Hutchings. My Grandpa Borden told me that when our family came to Canada in and around the middle 1800's that they brought the honeybees with them from England. I can't say that within the last 100 or so years the Hutchings bee hasn't interbred with other breeds of honeybees, but we have not intentionally cross bred them. I still put my best breeder hives, in the basement of the old homestead when winter comes a knocking, just like my Grandfathers did.  They are gentle, little dark bees that winter in small clusters, that explode when the spring comes. If you don't keep ahead of them they will swarm, they are very prolific producers capable of blessing me with lots of liquid Gold! My knowledge was passed down to me from the stories and experiences of my Grandpa Borden. Sometimes I can still hear him when I'm working in my bee yard, my memories of his instructions, still serve me well.  We don't treat the bees with any medications or chemicals and try to stay true to family traditions where they are concerned.  Other bee keepers think I'm in a time warp, but my motto is if  it ain't  broke, don't fix it. The grass sometimes is not greener on the other side of the fence, but I'm not against someone else's input either ....... "if it makes sense."    

From one bee keeper to another..... All the best!